1 . What should I wear?  

You can wear whatever makes you feel beautiful - however if you are looking for some guidance- here are some helpful tips.

- Avoid clothing with graphics / lettering.  These don't always photograph well (part of a word, etc.) and are not as timeless.

- For family sessions, plan an outfit for the hardest to dress person first, and then coordinate other's outfits around it.  You want colors that coordinate, but don't need to be all the same.   I have created a Pinterest board for some ideas for family clothing: 


- When in doubt, solid colors usually photograph well.  I also love long flowy dresses that can pick up movement when chasing littles, being blown by the wind, etc.  

- Accessorizing adds interest to the photo.  Think vests or ties, a color pop cardigan over a dress, a scarf, pretty necklace, etc.

- Check out my portfolio to see what kinds of clothing appeal to you when photographed! 

2. How long will it take to get my edited images back? 

With some exceptions, I do soft proofing- meaning that you get to choose which final images you want edited.  Typically within 3-5 days of your session, you will receive a proofing gallery of minimally edited images, where you can choose which images will be fully edited.  You can choose the amount that was already included in your package, or if you fall in love with more, you have the option to buy additional files / edits a la carte.  

Once you have chosen your final files to be edited, most of the time you can expect your edited images to be returned to you within 1 - 2 weeks.  During peak times (October - November), this may be as long as 2 - 3 weeks due to a backlog of editing.  I do offer expedite fees if you need them back by a certain date.  

3. How will I receive my photos? 


I use a proofing gallery web site called ShootProof, also accessible through clients.lindseystuebingerphotography.com.  Your proofing gallery will be a  watermarked gallery where you choose your final edits by "favoriting" your choices.  I can see your favorites.  When your final images are ready, you will receive another gallery through ShootProof, where you will be able to download digital files and purchase prints directly from the gallery.  Any prints purchased will be printed by a professional lab which is calibrated to my monitor to ensure accurate color representation.  They will be shipped directly to you, or can be picked up at my house in Frisco.


-  Plan ahead.  Plan what you will wear, communicate in specific details of what you are looking for in your session.  In general, I am not a very prop - oriented photographer, but if you have a prop you would like to use or an idea you'd like to discuss, make sure we plan this well in advance of your session.  

- Family / Kids sessions-  trying to get kids to sit still and take a photo is HARD work.  As hard as it is, trying to keep the session positive and fun is key to getting photos you will love.   Sometimes this means throwing the idea of perfectly posed pictures out the window-  some of my favorite photos are of kids simply being kids- running, jumping, inspecting nature, etc.  Interacting positively (giving hugs and kisses, twirling, etc.) is great for photos of family connection, and sometimes better than posed shots!  If you want to bring positive reinforcement (a.k.a. bribes!) such as special treats / candy, etc. that can be helpful for some kiddos, but use them at last resort or as a treat after the session for good cooperation.  If introduced too early, we can end up with children crying for another candy, etc. which can have the opposite effect on the session!